Benefits of Foot Reflexology

A very good Reflexology Foot Massage is definitely an incredible healing force that will help alleviate many symptoms for example headache, insomnia, chronic fatigue, dizziness, along with help treat the underlying reason for many internal diseases for example Liver disease, Kidney disease, Heart disease, Hypertension, plus virtually any disease known to man.

Additionally it is probably foot reflexology the most enjoyable experiences that you may have, if the right reflexology foot massage techniques are used. An effective foot massage is among the strongest stress relieving treatments that I do know of and it is a wonderful way to end a full body massage.

I will be able to now share along with you some fundamentals of giving a very good therapeutic foot massage, along with how you can massage your own personal feet for self healing and stress management.

Some important fundamentals to remember so as to get a proper foot massage technique are :

Ensure your hands are clean and that the fingernails are properly trimmed before administering any type massage technique.

Feet are often very ticklish and hence great care must given in avoiding light touch or brushing lightly upon the feet. Being tickled Isn‘t in the least relaxing and causes the nervous system to reach straight into the alert response. Always be sure to press or hold the feet firmly.

Feet are likely to be very sore in certain parts. Ensure apply pressure inside a gentle manner and avoid digging right straight into the tender point. Pressing firmly yet inside a gentle manner is that the secret for good foot massage technique.

Start your foot massage by massaging all the Point Foot Reflexology nooks and crannies all around the ankles. By loosening all the ligaments and nerves that run with the ankle, you‘re preparing the remainder of the foot to the direct pressure that‘s section of any good Shiatsu or Reflexology Foot Massage.
Basics of Foot Reflexology

Study the foot massage chart above. As you‘ll see, the complete human body is reflected holographically on your sole of your respective foot. The instep of your respective foot, the foremost medial or middle aspect, represents your spine. The reason being the spine is that the very middle of the body, so It‘s represented by the foremost middle facet of the shape of your toes.

The Liver is located upon the right side Benefits of Foot Reflexology of your respective chest and abdomen. Therefore the area of the shape of your toes that treats the Liver is that the lateral aspect of your respective right foot.

The Spleen is requried to be made by the left side of your respective ribs, below your heart. Therefore It‘s treated by the surface or lateral aspect of your respective left foot.

The top is located inside the toes along with all the sensory organs. The lower back, sacrum, urinary bladder, genitals and lower limbs are located in the direction of the heel.

The Kidneys are located inside the very center from the sole of your respective foot. This coincides using the acupuncture point Kidney 1 (Yongquan – ‘Bubbling Spring’ ). The anatomical location of Kidney 1 is inside the depression involving the 2nd and 3rd metatarsals, just posterior towards the the very first phalangeal joint. Massaging this point is extremely beneficial for grounding someone’s energy out of the head, for symptoms for example dizziness, headaches, or insomnia. This point is likewise the most point where Earth Yin energy enters the human body and EMF (electro-magnetic field ) radiation Yang energy is discharged in to the bottom. This point is likewise very powerful for fertility and longevity.

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